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A Innate Ability to Understand Business: Frank Magliato

August 16, 2019

Frank Magliato

Everyone who has followed his career knows that Frank Magliato has had all types of business experience over the course of his 35 year career. That means Frank has been sharpening his business skills for a very long time. That is probably a major reason he serves on many company boards of directors. Among them are Veragold Mining Company, Nabali Investments and Capital Trading Group. Frank Magliato is almost all business, but that doesn’t mean he has no heart. His philanthropic side shows up in his membership of the board of directors for Guardian Foundation which provides grants to provide for the health and welfare of children who come from poor families in the Republic of Panama. He is successful in that endeavor because he employs business principles to his philanthropy.

And his knowledge of business principles is immense. As the president of private equity company Saddle River Associates & Company, Frank Magliato specialized in corporate transactions and helped complete more than $500 million of projects. For example, while there, Frank worked on the sale of Natural Balance Pet Foods to food giant Del Monte, as well as a $150 million real estate development project in Panama.

Frank Magliato has often been described as someone with a unique capability, in that he seems able to always identifying the best possible business opportunities for each individual client and acting on them in the best possible way and at the most opportune time. Frank seems able to see such opportunities from a variety of angles, which allows him to make the most of any situation. He has handled in public and private equity transactions in all sorts of areas, including a wide variety of areas like retail, telecom, mining, social media and tech, and even real estate development.